Effect technology essay

However, we cannot just shun technology and go back to living simple lives in villages. For example, you could have three paragraphs, each discussing one of the points above. Nuclear power provides cheap and clean energy. Effect technology essay. The danger of nuclear war is obvious and if one thinks about Chernobyl, it is easy to understand why people are worried about nuclear power, as it can cause major suffering. This danger is caused partly by burning fossil fuels which leads to our polluted atmosphere.

Nuclear power, however, is a much greener alternative which does not have such negative effects. Is the answer to go back to living in villages and farms, or is it to find new technological solutions for our problems? The benefits of nuclear technology far outweigh the disadvantages. Secondly, it is difficult to imagine in advance how new technology can be used, or misused. There are, however, good reasons for believing that nuclear technology is generally advantageous. In many parts of the world today there is a profitable market for products which lighten or whiten people’s skin. Give reasons for your answer. A switch from meat to vegetables or beans for one or two days a week would keep us healthier and reduce pressure on the Amazon rainforest.

Do you agree or disagree? But we can make a difference by consuming much less, and reusing what we have. Technology by itself cannot solve our environmental problems. First of all, it is neutral, neither good nor bad: Only the user can decide how it is to be used. You need four paragraphs: an introduction, a body with at least two paragraphs, and a conclusion. The first dicussing the reasons, and the second discussing the effects on health and society. Visit B N to buy and rent, and check out our award-winning tablets and ereaders, including and. If you’d love to shift the emphasis to the effects in your essay, here you go: And here go some logical chains, which might become great cause and effect essay topics as well (note that arrows (→) mean causal relations): Perhaps the greatest danger facing our world today is a combination of global warming and the greenhouse effect.

Imagine if all Bangkok s or Mumbai s millions left the city and went back to farming or weaving. This cause and effect essay is about the issue of skin whitening products: why people are using them and their possible dangers for health and society. In this essay, I will say why we need to consider both these options. The rapid pace of development is damaging our environment. Some people say the answer is for all of us to lead a simpler life, but others say that technology can help solve our environmental problems. What do you think? The first of these is that there has not been a major world conflict since the invention of nuclear weapons. Use deductive reasoning. Although it offers a number of advantages in world peace and green power, it is also a dangerous technology,  I believe that it is also a dangerous technology.

In conclusion, we should look at ways of using technology to tackle environmental issues, rather than using it for mindless consumerism. Or will they get the chance? This causes and effects essay has been organized into two body paragraphs. Our planet is definitely suffering from the effects of seven billion people. For one thing, there would not be enough space in our rural areas. They can provide you with a thoroughly researched paper on any topic. And voila - you will get a good cause and effect essay topic. It is possible to say that the world is a safer place because of nuclear weapons.

One question that has caused a great deal of controversy over the years is nuclear technology. These two presentations show some ways to organize a Cause and Effect essay. Mix it all up. Find its causes and effects. SparkNotes is brought to you by. The other most significant benefit relates to the environment. Furthermore, in the last 55 years there have not been too many nuclear disasters and many experts claim that it is in fact a safe technology. Cause and Effect essays can be organized in just the same way as Argument and Opinion essays.

While there have been wars, they have not been on the same scale as the Second World War. The threat of nuclear weapons maintains world peace. Walking instead of driving, demanding that products be recycled, and thinking about our consumption would make a huge difference. A third point is that technology generally belongs, at least at the beginning, to the rich and powerful, who use it for their own ends. The opponents of nuclear power generally base their arguments on the danger it represents to the world. Remember, writers at can help you to write your cause and effect essay. For example, if we learned how to produce endless cheap energy, would the results be necessarily all good? There are two main dangers: the risk of nuclear warfare and the nuclear disasters.