Can claritin cause parathesis

It is concentrated within the skin, liver and ovaries of the fish. Although the mechanism of tongue numbness and tingling has been attributed to disorders of the receptors, nerves or brain centers thus far, there are instances where these sensations may occur due to substance use. When this involves the sense of taste, it is known as dygeusia. Fugu is a pufferfish that contain large amounts of a deadly toxin known tetrodotoxin. The tongue has a rich nerve supply and part of the reason why the tongue is so sensitive is that it is lined with a delicate mucuous membrane. If it affects the other sensory components of the tongue leading to sensations such as numbness, tingling, prickling ( pins and needles ) or burning then it is known as paresthesia.

One of the more common of these natural poisons is the ciguatera toxin which is found in certain types of fish and marine life, like baracuda, sea bass and eel and causes ciguatera fish poisoning. Poisoning with other substances, particularly heavy metals, may also cause numbness and tingling of different parts of the body including the tongue.

Paresthesia of the tongue is any abnormal sensation from the tongue which includes sensations such as numbness, tingling or prickling ( pins and needles ). A number of natural or artificial toxins can cause numbness or tingling of the tongue.

It is, however, common practice for a small amount of the toxin to be retained in the fish to enhance the culinary experience. In most cases these are substances that are ingested and directly exposed to the tongue.

The tongue is one of the most sensitive organs of the body. As with any part of the body, there may at times be abnormal sensations from the tongue.

Can claritin cause parathesis. This is usually short term and should pass on its own unless it permanently damages the tissues of the tongue or nerves.

Sensations of temperature, pressure, texture and pain are often heightened on the tongue when compared to the skin and the tongue is also capable of a unique sensory function taste. Another types of poisoning is scombroid food poisoning which may arise with eating decayed fish that were not properly refrigerated. Fugu can only be prepared by licenced chefs or it can be lethal. However, these symptoms may also be present with poisoning and if not prepared properly with just a minimal dose of the toxin, it can be lethal.